From my very first contact with Paul, I was impressed with his accessibility, knowledge, and professionalism. He showed me a house I was interested in buying, and from that initial visit when I decided to buy it to the closing and well beyond, Paul has been there to answer all my questions, suggest resources, give me his expert opinion, and support me through the whole adventure of buying my first home. Through all the challenges I had to face, which due to my circumstances included having to transfer funds from a foreign bank, travel to Europe and call him at home at various hours due to the time difference, and signing and sending documents under the pressure of impending deadlines, Paul was always available, resourceful, patient, and solution-oriented. More than anything else what stood out for me is Paul´s dedication and commitment to me and my goal of buying my home. Every time I needed an answer or guidance to my next step, Paul was there. More than a realtor, I felt I had made a new friend. There were about 6 situations that threatened the purchase and Paul was always there. To say it was a challenge, being out of the country so much and learning as I went along, would be an understatement. However, I would do it all over again if I were working with Paul. He is easygoing, easy to get along with, and yet doesn´t back down when standing up for what he believes is fair. And if I haven´t said this already he is focused and relentless in helping. I know a lot of realtors, and I had not met anyone like Paul. I like his confidence, his humor, and his large set of skills that made my home buying experience memorable. I would definitely recommend him to anyone interested in having an easy and professional experience buying their home.

Source: Realtor.com
Peter G
Paul was helpful and attentive. He helped make the home buying process pretty painless for us, first-time buyers. Paul was able to answer our questions and also help us find the necessary professionals (inspector, lender, etc) to make the process run smoothly.

Source: Realtor.com
Ellis Mumford
Paul was professional, reliable, and pleasant. He showed me many houses and the one I chose to buy had some issues since it was a HUD foreclosure. Paul helped me navigate the sale with skill and patience.

Source: Realtor.com
Beth Taylor
We are very happy to have chosen Paul, he walked us through the whole process, was always available, and was quick to respond to our calls and emails. Paul was very professional, knowledgeable, and always kept our best interest at hand. We found ourselves in a multiple offer situation, and he helped us decide which offer to take.

Source: Realtor.com
Marcos and Tatiana
Paul gave me excellent advice on how to prepare my property for sale. As a result, I was able to sell the property quickly at the price and terms I wanted. He was very helpful throughout the process. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to sell or buy.Source: Realtor.com
EJ Limvere
Paul is and has been at the highest of integrity and professionalism. I would recommend him highly.Source: Realtor.com
Guy Piquelle
Paul Lee is an outstanding real estate agent. He guided us through every step of the home buying process. His advice and deep knowledge of the Austin market were instrumental in helping us find a great neighborhood and builder for our new home. My wife and I really appreciated Paul's professionalism, responsiveness, and attentiveness in making the purchase of our new Austin home as smooth as possible. Morning, noon, or night, Paul was always available to answer our questions. I would highly recommend Paul and look forward to working with him in the future.Source: Realtor.com
Martin Somarriba
I am convinced if not for Paul and his expertise in the area we would not have been able to purchase a home. This market is hot! If your realtor is not going above and beyond to maintain communication with all parties involved you will be hard pressed to get the home you hope for. Paul did just that and his level of dedication was instrumental in our purchase. Paul will absolutely my go to for any realty needs in the future!Source: Realtor.com
William Hudson
Paul is extremely professional and knowledgeable of the Austin Area. He has been a great resource for me and has gone above and beyond to help me. I purchased a new construction property with Paul and he's gone above and beyond to help me with everything from assisting me with the walkthrough (to find defects) before purchase to answering questions I had way past purchase (finding a refinance person & filling out the homestead exemption). Paul will be my go-to person if I purchase any more real-estate in Austin.Source: Realtor.com
Winston Walker
As first time home buyers, my partner and I are grateful that Paul helped us navigate the process of buying a home. Paul is extremely knowledgeable not only on Austin market trends, but also on technical construction/contracting needs. He was very responsive during the whole process and made sure to explain the process to us in ways we understood. Most importantly, he really knew how to craft a killer offer. Our first offer on a home was accepted, and I fully credit that to Paul who knew how to sweeten our offer so that the seller would choose us over the many other offers they received. All in all, I highly recommend Paul for your real estate needs!Source: Realtor.com
Rachel Fuerst
A few months ago I would have argued virtual online realty services can save you thousands of dollars. But, using a local realtor with skill can save you tens of thousands. Paul helped us save more than 25k and exponentially increased the safety of my family. 1. He was present for all the showings of our house. He was the first one to open all doors, turn on all lights, ensure everyone put on a mask before entering our house, and nobody touches anything. 2. One of the buyers had a realtor who was not able to make a showing so Paul showed it to the buyer and was able to highlight the value and features of the home. We received a full price offer from that person as well as a leaseback. 3. We made an aggressive offer on the house we wanted to purchase and the listing agent asked us to lower our offer out of fear of the appraisal coming in short. For item 1. His concern for the safety of our family was reassuring and comforting For item 2. We were about to lower our list price and Paul provided data as to why our house deserved that list price. He kept us calm and steady. We left the price as is, and sold it. This saved us around 10k. For item 3. Once we found our forever home, Paul advised us as to what would be an appropriately aggressive offer and then left the decision to us. The listing agent was from another city and was not in touch with the local market. When she saw our offer she feared the deal would fall through and asked us to lower the offer around 15k. The appraisal was higher than our lowered offer. It would not have been an issue. We lowered the offer and closed the deal saving around 25k between the two transactions. Choose Paul!! He is an expert who can save your health and wealth.Source: Realtor.com
Joe Perez